Easy Legal Marketing: LegalWebFinder.com

Have you ever tried to find a divorce attorney in Tampa or an estate planning attorney in San Diego? How hard can it be?? As it turns out, very hard! After promising clients that I would help find and vet these attorneys, I quickly realized that I was in way over my head. Finding online information about lawyers was very difficult and the sparce information I did manage to find was out of date, leaving me dialing disconnected numbers and visiting abandoned websites. I was about to give up hope when I was referred to www.LegalWebFinder.com. LegalWebFinder is a simple and easy way to find attorneys by location and/or practice area. It’s a directory where attorneys can sign up, for free, and it allows attorneys to post a significant amounts of information about their practice. LegalWebFinder had current contact information and I was able to quickly screen attorneys based on experience and specialty.

Overall, I prefer LegalWebFinder.com to the other big law directories because LegalWebFinder is voluntary. As a lawyer myself, I have been involuntarily included in countless directories and the information entered on my behalf (and without my permission) has been inaccurate and out of date. Every attorney in LegalWebFinder.com voluntarily took the time to share information about themselves and that’s why it’s so effective (and current!). The next time you need to find an attorney, or if you’re an attorney that wants to market your legal practice and be found, visit www.LegalWebFinder.com.