How LegalWebPro Works

How LegalWebPro Works

Get Started In 3 Easy Steps!

LegalWebPro makes setting up a professional legal website and custom email accounts simple! LegalWebPro will take care of all aspects of your website (including design) and all you have to do is sign up! LegalWebPro’s sign up process is only three simple steps and it only takes a couple minutes to complete. You can complete the fast process online or you can cal LegalWebPro Customer Support at (877) 292-5955. Get your website up today!

Step 1: Choose Website Base Design

To begin the sign up process, select “Create Your Legal Website” above and choose your base design. Keep in mind that this design is a starting point and your website will be customized for you and your practice. Want specific pictures or your logo added? No problem. Also note that you can change your design at any time! Get started with Step 1 by clicking here.

Step 2: Choose Domain

After selecting your base design, choose your domain ( You can use’s domain availability tool to determine if the domain you desire is available — and you can have any domain that is available! If you already have a domain, LegalWebPro can utilize it with your new website at no additional cost. You can also continue to use your existing email accounts with your new website. (Click here to search for available domains)

Step 3: Select Billing Method

After choosing a base design and domain, simply enter billing information and finalize your order! LegalWebPro accepts all credit cards. LegalWebPro has the best pricing in the industry with a one time setup fee of $49.95 and only $19.95 per month for everything.  (Learn more about pricing here)

And now, sit back and relax…

After you finish the 3 steps above, you will recieve an email from our Design Team (at the email address you provide) asking for basic information about your legal practice (practice areas, attorney biography, attorney picture, etc). For a reasonable additional fee, you may also confiigure custom email accounts, such as LegalWebPro moves fast and in most cases has your new domain and email accounts up shortly after signing up. Our Design Team also works fast to get your website completed within days or hours (opposed to months like our competitors).

Sounds too easy? LegalWebPro has intentionally simplified the process and the price so that attorneys can quickly get professional legal websites without hassel.

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