Legal Website Design

Legal Website Design

Get A Website Today! is a fast and easy way to get and maintain a professional legal website for your law practice. LegalWebPro works specifically with attorneys and law firms to handle all aspects of setting up and maintaining legal websites. LegalWebPro also offers reasonably priced search engine optimization and online marketing for lawyers and firms.  

For a one time setup fee of $49.95 and only $19.95 per month, LegalWebPro:

   §  Designs Your Legal Website
§  Sets Up Your Custom Domain (new or existing)
§  Manages Basic SEO For Your Website
§  Gives Unlimited Custom Pages
§  Allows You To Make Changes Anytime
§  Allows You To Login To Edit Your Own Website
§  Hosts Your Website
§  Provides Storage For Your Website
§  Offers Language Translation Tools
§  Offers Customer Support For Your Website
§  Requires No Long Term Contract
§  Guarantees Our Low Prices Will Never Increase
§  Much More!

LegalWebPro has simplified the website process for lawyers and law firms. LegalWebPro’s Design & Techinical Teams manage all aspects of your website.

   §  No Technical Expertise Required
§  No Previous Website Or Domain Required
§  No Hidden Fees

Already have a domain or website? At no additional cost, LegalWebPro can utilize your existing domain and website for your new website design.

Don’t need a website but want Advanced Search Engine Optimization & Online Marketing for your existing website? LegalWebPro can help market your legal practice without having to create a new website. Learn more about Advanced Search Engine Optimization & Online Marketing here.

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