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Using LegalWebPro for our law firm’s website and email hosting was a great decision.  The website was simple to set up and is easy to edit.  It gives our office a professional appearance at a competitive price.  Also the customer service is terrific. I would recommend LegalWebPro.com to any law firm looking to have a reliable, professional presence on the web.
– Adam Gerard, Esq.

I love LegalWebPro! Great website designers that are always there when I need them!
Elizabeth Murphy, Esq.  www.lizmurphylaw.com

Our law firm switched from an extremely costly provider to LegalWebPro.  We have been impressed with the quality of LegalWebPro’s Design Team’s work in creating our new website and ensuring we have a professional internet presence.  We have been very impressed with their attention to detail and the website’s ease of use.  Importantly, the Support Team at LegalWebPro has also been extremely responsive to our requests for any edits or changes to our website. 
– Douglas Micko, Esq.  www.schaeferlaw.com

As a solo attorney, I had a website for years with one of the “big two” law firm website providers/publishing companies.  When they unilaterally changed their website templates, and I didn’t like the result, I took a closer look at what I was paying for the listing and the website, and what I was actually getting in return, and I started exploring options.  I spent endless hours looking at website companies, talking with website developers and sales reps, comparing notes with other attorneys, and somehow I happened upon LegalWebPro, and I couldn’t be happier with their product.
One feature that was especially important to me was the ability to edit my site myself at any time.  The interface that LegalWebPro provides is as user-friendly as it gets.  I can add and delete text, photos, pages, links, whatever, with a few mouse clicks.  Why in the world would I want to fax proposed changes or additions to some other company, hope they get my changes transcribed accurately, and wait patiently for the edits to appear correctly on my site, when I can edit and tweak the site myself any time I want? 
Equally important, the customer service can’t be beat.  Any time I had a question (or, for example, needed to add or delete email addresses), the response was immediate. You can benefit from all my research and go straight to LegalWebPro.  You won’t be disappointed.

– Eric Olsen, Esq. www.egolaw.com

We have been very pleased with LegalWebPro’s service from all aspects. Using LegalWebPro for our law firm website was trouble and worry free and a great decision. The setup process is simple and seamless, the design is very professional, the price is competitive, and customer service is courteous. We would recommend LegalWebPro to any law firm looking for a reliable, professioanl presence on the web.
– Immigration Law Group  www.immigrationlawgroup.org

LegalWebPro.com is professional, knowledgeable, responsive, fast, and a fraction of the cost of my prior website provider, with no long term contracts!
– Joyce Levy, Esq. www.jlevyesq.com

We thank the LegalWebPro Design and Support Teams for their assistance in developing and maintaining our website.  We have received nothing but positive feedback from those who have visited our site.  We recommend LegalWebPro to lawyers (and any business) wishing to have a successful and attractive website with which to draw customers.
Komanapalli Massey LLP 

Using LegalWebPro to create my website was easy!  Adding photographs, documents and hyperlinks was simple, and anytime I had any questions, suggestions, or even special requests to customize my site, the LegalWebPro Design Team was available to quickly help out and make the changes.  My legal website is personal, professional, and a valuable tool for my clients. 
– Philip Harris, Esq.  www.harrishospitalitylaw.com

The people at LegalWebPro can provide a service that is highly cost effective and easy to maintain. Their courteous staff helped out law firm create an elegant website in just a few hours. As a successful law firm in the highly competitive Los Angeles legal services market, we owe thanks to LegalWebPro for helping us present an impressive image to our potential clients.
– Peter Shahriari, Esq.  www.shahriarilaw.com 

LegalWebPro is an excellent choice for law firms who want to create their own website. The web application is very easy to use and I was able to create a web site for my firm in a day. The price is very reasonable, much less than the competition, but with no sacrifice in features. Finally,  customer
support is first rate and very responsive.
Richard Granat, Esq. 

§  More testimonials and referrals available upon request.

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