Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Easy SEO For Your Legal Website

Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) is the best way to market your practice online. SEO essentially entails configuring your website to achieve a high natural search result so that Internet users can find your website. Today, SEO is considered by many to be the best use of a marketing budget — having your website appear high in search results can greatly increase the visibility of your practice. LegalWebPro prides itself on fast, efficient, and affordable SEO for attorneys and law firms.

LegalWebPro offers Basic SEO and Advanced SEO & Online Marketing:

Basic SEO: This is included in LegalWebPro’s regular website package ($19.95 per month & one time $49.95 setup fee). Basic SEO utilizes content on the website along with meta data to rank the website with search engines. Many lawyers find that Basic SEO is sufficient for their legal practice.

Advanced SEO & Online Marketing: This is an aggressive custom online marketing package created for your practice. Each client gets a unique SEO campaign focused on driving traffic to the website and prices start at only $250 per month. LegalWebPro’s Advanced SEO & Online Marketing boasts the best prices in the industry and does not require a long term contract.  Note that you do not need to have a website with LegalWebPro to utilize our Advanced SEO & Online Marketing services.

Advanced SEO & Online Marketing is ideal for attorneys in competitive markets and is a great choice for attorneys looking to:

  • Target a specific market of potential clients; and
  • Have a high natural search rank for their website for relevant keywords; and
  • Dramatically speed the natural SEO process; and
  • Validate their online presence ; and
  • Drive more traffic to their website.

Please note that not all attorneys require Advanced SEO & Online Marketing. Depending on your practice areas and location, LegalWebPro’s Basic SEO may be more than sufficient.  Advanced SEO & Online Marketing is simply an additional service that LegalWebPro offers clients interested in aggressively marketing their legal practice and website.  

What is Advanced SEO & Online Marketing?

Advanced SEO & Online Marketing is focused on achieving a high natural search result (in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing) for your website. LegalWebPro’s SEO & Marketing Team will work with you to customize a campaign and to determine which specific  keywords or phrases to target. Example of search keywords include “Los Angeles Estate Planning Attorney” or “New York Personal Injury Lawyer.”

Once a strategy and keywords are determined, LegalWebPro’s Advanced SEO Team will optimize your website for the phrases and keywords with the goal of quickly achieving a high organic search result for the website. Typical results usually begin to appear in search engines within one to three months.
Additionally, LegalWebPro will provide strategic online marketing through pay-per-click (Google Adwords) to speed the SEO process and to guide prospective clients to your website. Advanced SEO & Online Marketing is a great way to generate leads for your legal practice.

SEO is a complex area of the Internet. Questions? Give us a call at (877) 292-5955 or contact us here and we will be happy to explain how the process works and answer any questions.

SEO Is The New Yellowpages

Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing have rapidly become the preferred method for finding local services, especially legal services. More traditional sources of advertising, such as the yellowpages, print and radio do not reach clients as effectivly as the Internet. SEO and Online Marketing allows prospective clients to find your website from any computer, cell phone, or Internet connection at any time.  LegalWebPro’s Advanced SEO & Online Marketing will help you accomplish your goals of being found on the Internet!

As for pricing, many of LegalWebPro’s competitors charge from $500 to $5,000 a month and offer less services and slower results. Almost all competitiors require long term contracts and have fluxuating fees. LegalWebPro’s services start at only $250 per month* and require no long term contract!

*Note that actual price depends on keyword choice as some phrases are more competitive and require higher fees. It is impossible for LegalWebPro to provide a “one size fits all” service as every attorney has a specific set of needs that requires a custom solution.  Contact us for a quick and free consultation, including price quote. LegalWebPro is also happy to work within your marketing budget.

Advanced SEO & Online Marketing Services Include:
– Free Custom Keyword Analysis & Quote
– Keyword Placement & Optimization For Search Engines (including Google, Yahoo and Bing)
– Placement Progress Report
– Search Engine Accessibility Checks
– Content Optimization
– 5 Star Customer Support

– & Much More!

LegalWebPro acts fast and we can start your Advanced SEO & Online Marketing today! To learn more or to get started, simply email or call us toll-free at (877) 292-5955 and ask about Advanced SEO!