It never even crossed my mind that I needed a legal website….I had a successful private practice with loyal clients and a constant stream of referrals, why did I need a law website or attorney web site designer? I can barely operate my computer, let alone create a professional lawyer website. And then one day it happened, someone laughed at my email address…. My email address was relatively simple, it was my law firm and a number (the name I wanted was apparently already being used) followed by I had this email address on my legal business card and regularly handed it out to clients, co-counsel and anyone else that wanted it. Looking at my life and legal practice, I now see that everything was professional and respectable, except for my internet presence.

Shortly after I came to the realization that I should setup a legal website for my firm and get “real” email addresses for myself and my staff. I came across LegalWebPro made it simple for me to create a law website that explains who I am and what I do. Using LegalWebPro I was able to select a custom domain for law website and set up eight email addresses that were far less embarrassing than “”

Using LegalWebPro has been wonderful as now I am able to keep my clients and guests updated on my lecture circuit, my recent cases, and other news, events and blogs. I also have to give a hand to their support team – which is fantastic. If I ever come across an issue or find something I’m incapable of doing (which is often), the support team is quick to respond and make the needed changes to my laywer website design.

Long story short, now every time a lawyer hands me a card that reads “” I laugh inside and wonder how long it will be before they see the light and visit to use their legal website design builder.